Five Keys To Getting Kids To Help With Clean-Up

Today parents don’t have a choice when it comes to sending their kids to school. You child goes to the school the government says they go to based on where you live but it is far from being a neighborhood school. Where do you send your child? If you can scrape the tuition together best place is the Montessori School.

Some kids have a hard time sticking with it when they don’t succeed right away. If that’s your situation, you can remind your child that learning new skills takes time and practice. If she gets discouraged quickly, help her gain confidence by encouraging her to try again.

Then there were the kids like me. I walked on the wild side. With friends and by myself, I raised a ruckus; flipped off Mrs. T at the Kings Academy in seventh grade. It led to my first of three expulsions from two different private schools. The King’s Academy is a Baptist school in West Palm Beach. We Baptists do not tolerate that crap from kids.

So, next time you want your kids to help with clean up, try inviting them instead. This means you’re actually going to be OK (and not give them the silent treatment) if they refuse; it’s not a demand, it’s an INVITATION.

I hope that the rap community would be able to receive that. Heavy D had the song, “Don’t Curse” that had some legit rappers on there–far from not gangster. I came up listening to Arrested Development. When I hear profanity used it’s used to separate. I guess I just want to use my words in a different manner.

So when my daughter began Best Montessori School in early September, I would fret and fret, “I hope she’s more assertive here. I hope she’s more assertive here. I hope she makes the first move, I hope she makes friends, and I hope she doesn’t let the other kids take advantage of her.” Some of these were things my previous babysitter warned me would happen, should my daughter not be ‘forced’ to become assertive.

Some stay at home moms have home based businesses. Others write (like me), paint, or take pictures. Babysitting or a home based day care is another option for a stay at home mother.

Laguna Niguel Montessori Education Center offers a challenging events and enriched Montessori curriculum and 2012 – 2013 School Calendar available in site. We are proud of our staff and their dedication to the Montessori philosophy and the field of Early Childhood Education. In addition to their college education, all of our lead teachers at Laguna Niguel Montessori are Certified Montessori Teachers. We are proud to announce that Laguna Niguel Montessori was the first MSAC accredited Montessori school in Southern California.

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Five Keys To Getting Kids To Help With Clean-Up

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