Happiness And Your C Game

We talk a lot about speaking and not planning a book signing, but rather a book event. However, many of you have been emailing to say “Speaker tips, please!” Here they are, just a few tips to turn any presentation from so-so to sensational!

Also, try to remember not to recycle gifts. Do not buy gifts that are so common you knew that every groomsman in the world have them. It would just reflect that you did not take the time to even think what is best for your best buddies. It is a big disappointment for your groomsmen.

There’s something about all-inclusive honeymoon packages and couples-only resorts. It’s Privacy. If you want something wild, you might want to consider trying a nude beach where you can bare yourself and get that wonderful tan minus the bikini lines. From California to St. Martin to Cap d’Agde, there’s some core of truth in the saying that the best things in life can be done naked. No need to splurge on honeymoon clothes!

Tournament regulars. Every golfer knows (or suspects) at least one player who enters only high numbers or maybe just a handful of scores before a big match — despite admonitions from club pros and players alike to enter scores from all their rounds.

If you’re playing online Poker Online, this is easy. Just take notes under that player’s info. If you’re in live person tournament, make mental notes about each player.

Another frequently used prom favor is candles. These candles come in different shapes, colors and sizes. The most important piece of design of these candles is the engraved name of the event, its date and venue which will remind you of your prom night.

As you can see, investing is fraught with confusing terms, which often cause the most seasoned Investment Analyst to suffer from what is known in medical journals as Hysterical Giggling. So call me now! As part of this special offer, we’ll throw in a tasteful velvet painting of dogs at a poker table, betting on the Atlanta Falcons game.

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