The Gear You Will Need For Fly Fishing

To the person(s) who stole the fishing gear from my garage on July 17, 2010: May you rot in hell. Strong words, aren’t they? I have no tolerance for thieves, and would like to have used much more graphic language. Several explicit examples of improper grammar come to mind.

Only open your garage door when absolutely necessary, and don’t leave it open any longer than required. This will prevent would-be thieves from inventorying your equipment and seeing something that catches their eye.

All of the sudden the fish stopped. I couldn’t budge it. It was as if I were suddenly snagged on a rock. So, this of course meant that I had to begin to get upset. I started moving my rod to different angles, pulling with varying degrees of pressure, and all in all just trying no get myself unstuck from what I thought was the bottom. And of course during all of this the profanities were flying about the fact that the fish had “hung me up”. So I waded to my left along where the fallen tree was, reeling in line as I went. I was looking into the water with my polarized glasses on as I waded, until my line was pretty much vertical to where I was standing. As I looked into the deeper water where my line was I saw a very disturbing sight.

When choosing the line, one can go through a number of choices considering the color, weight and whether the line is floating, sinking, tapered or weight forward. The most recommended one to choose is a medium weight line, which works fine for all sizes. As for the color, green is the best choice since fishes cannot see it when under the water. The leader at the end of the line should weight moderately.

4) Use the appropriate baits. This is of course understandable but it’s surprising that a lot of people forget the importance of quality bait. Bait that doesn’t entice nor interest a salmon is dead bait. So do yourself a favor and use baits that are effective like cured salmon eggs or roe. Any experienced fisherman will suggest salmon roe, so it’s best that you listen to them.

When first starting out the question is do you buy new or used discount fishing gear? A lot of us have gone the used gear route. This way we can reduce some expense until we are sure that fly fishing is the sport for us. Used gear is a great way to get into the sport without spending a great deal of money. Used gear can generally be found locally. It can definitely be found online.

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If you what more tips on fishing gear then visit my blog where you will find more information and products to help you fish better and ultimately catch more fish.

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The Gear You Will Need For Fly Fishing

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